Financial Education for Individuals and Organizations

Offering Comprehensive Financial Wellness Programming to Individuals and Organizations

In Today’s Complex Financial World, We Face Financial Challenges That Can Take A Heavy Toll on Many Areas Of Our Lives

Our feelings about our financial situations can range from light concerns popping up at different times throughout the day, to paralyzing worry and stress that can spill over into our relationships, emotional states, and general enjoyment of life. From the time we were born, our financial pictures have been shaped by our loved ones, advertisers, and peer influencers.

Very few of us ever received any financial education to address common financial live events like:

I Understand and My Passion is Helping Others Improve Their Financial Outlook

Whether with money, or your business or life? My goal is to educate with truth and facts, not hype and fiction. My mission is to convert the energy of creativity into the energy of wealth with project based learning programs. I want you to think of our programs as a vehicle to take you from where you are now to wear you want to go and where you want your keiki to go. With a Student of Wealth Education you will gain skills and the confidence necessary to take effective action with your finances. Are you ready to commit to this process?

Our signature Crafts for Cash program creates an opportunity for family members to work together to reduce one or more household bills. I have been doing it with my own family for over 10 years and it works! Plant the Seed of Financial Success today!

Financial Education Services

We can all live more fulfilling lives and get on track toward our long-term financial goals. But getting there takes more than just financial knowledge: it requires changing behaviors, developing systems, and prioritizing financial action steps.

As a financial educator with a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) designation, my objectives are to help you work toward greater financial wellness. Each person and organization is different and programs are customized based on the needs of our clients.

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