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My name is Aviella Aloha, Stylist to the Stars. On Maui they call me Auntie Taz. I am so blessed to live on this beautiful island for over 15 years. My background covers non traditional small business development, branding, beauty consulting, travel and tourism management & as of January 2023 financial education instruction. Let me unlock the secrets to how money works and how to protect it once you get it. You know the stuff they never taught us in high school. I want to share what I know, help you find the answers to what you want to know and facilitate group discussions about how it relates to your life. My 3 core values demonstrate that Profits are Better than Wages, profess Entrepreneurship for families, kids & teens and affirm the Magic of Compound Interest. I will teach you how to be the boss of your own business and how to generate cash flow.

Company History

Student of Wealth Hawaii is a marketing & education company that exists to plant the seed of financial success through live action role play experiences. We design customized financial literacy programs, connect you with helpful resources & build income plans that facilitate, develop & encourage positive healthy microeconomics & money management. Our Signature Crafts for Cash and Crafts program pairs middle school age youth with seniors to simulate a vendor booth business & generate income. We offer FREE Workshops to the public. SOWH members enjoy online training courses & weekly group coaching & V.I.P. seating at all live events. Sponsored by Urban-n-Island Consortium.


Aviella Aloha
Aviella Aloha
Chris Longworth
Chris LongworthThe Money Professor & Nationally Certified Financial Education Instructor
Myron Golden
Myron GoldenBusiness Consultant, Author, TED X Speaker & Youtuber