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When you book me, you get more than just a speaker. You get a passionate financial education provider who is dedicated to your program’s success.

All my presentations are customized to best meet the needs of your organization and the participants. Lessons are selected to help support participants and I adjust my presentation style to match the learners’ needs.

About Me

Whether with money, or your business or life? My goal is to educate with truth and facts, not hype and fiction. My mission is to convert the energy of creativity into the energy of wealth with project based learning programs. I want you to think of our programs as a vehicle to take you from where you are now to wear you want to go and where you want your keiki to go. With a Student of Wealth Education you will gain skills and the confidence necessary to take effective action with your finances. Are you ready to commit to this process?

Our signature Crafts for Cash program creates an opportunity for family members to work together to reduce one or more household bills. I have been doing it with my own family for over 10 years and it works! Plant the Seed of Financial Success today!

In Addition to Speaking Services, We Provide Support & Resources.

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